We can offer 30 years experience in factory and site clearances.

Most of our items are recycled and sold on to other companies or reused by ourselves in the steel

stockholding section of the business.

We have worked along side local factories in the West Midlands, who have ceased trading, down

sized or chosen to sell off redundant or ex stock.

Services provided –

 Experienced labor to take on jobs

 Provide plant and machinery, transport and skips to carry out jobs

 Removal and disposal of waste materials

 Removal of plant and machinery

 Purchase of ex stock

 Dismantling of plant and machinery, mezzanine floors

 Recycling materials where possible

 Purchase of RSJ, angle, channel, steel constructed buildings


Our company offers a service to price and collect, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We buy re-used

RSJ, angle, channel, and mezzanine floors, steel constructed buildings.

Are prices are completive.

Our yards are registered for waste materials and our drivers provide transfer notes with each

collection, so you know where your waste will be deposited.

Services provided –

 Collection made by skips varying from 8 cubes to 40 cubes. We also have smaller lorries that

carry up to 1.500kg.

 Purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metal

 Purchase of reusable RSJ, angle, channel

 Purchase of mezzanine floors

 Purchase of steel framed buildings


We have the experience and knowledge to dismantle plant and machinery from factories and

warehouses, all over the UK.

Services provided

 Site cleance

 Experienced and conscience work force

 Dismantle and the removal of plant and machinery

 Removal and purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cable and switch gear

 Recycling – most materials where possible

 Provide skips, transport and machinery

 Provide Health and safety certificates


We provide transport, skips, and containers to dispose of waste or recycled machinery all over the


Transfer notes are provided to our customers so they have a record where their waste concludes its


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